Let’s make the minibus
industry once again!

People Counter

Have control over the amount of people getting in and out of the vehicle, with the help of high tech artificial intelligence-powered devices!

IN 69 | OUT 44

Complete Analytics Report

Get a complete report on the performance of each vehicle enrolled with us. Including profits, number of passengers, routes, distances traveled, bus frequency, amount of tickets sold per route and ticket rate sold per route, plus a bunch of other statistics!

Company’s Vision

Converting medium-sized carriers in the transport industry into the best ones in performance through innovative solutions.

Alex RetzlaffSerial entrepreneur with deep technical skills and a passion for creating work environments where teams really want to be part of all obstacles. He has been refining these guiding principles to achieve such environments since his first business at the age of 19.

With 18 years leading work teams, 2 startups and 6 companies founded to date, Alex focuses on eliminating any barrier that may be preventing the 3 forces of intrinsic motivation ( autonomy, dominance and purpose) do “its thing”. Once the intrinsic motivation of the team is activated and aligned with the goals of the company, magic happens!



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Javier DiegoGraduated in Agronomic Engineering in Argentina, Javier has great passion for entrepreneurship and business consulting. Having extensive experience in consulting and advising, both in the technical and commercial areas, for small and medium-sized companies, in the case of Lácteos Isabela, Gustin-Ochoa S.H Humboldt, Estancia Los Charabones, among others.

Javier is dedicated to integrating the wide variety of factors that affect the context of a company, participating in their teams, with the aim of collaborating with the growth of their companies and the development of each one of them. He assures that his vocation is in the development of projects that improve the quality of life of the people who make them work.



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Karen Farah

Graduated in Civil Engineering in Venezuela and in the process of obtaining her MBA in finance and entrepreneurship from Harvard University, she has a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation with 7 companies founded to date. One of her areas of focus are consultancies for business development and marketing, collaborating with companies such as Google and Live Nation, technology startups, small / medium companies and events such as New York Fashion Week.

Karen joins Emits as the operations manager based on her experience in different areas of the corporate industry, with her main goal being to bring efficient solutions to clients and maintain the harmony in the flow of general operations.



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Natalia Nakhmanson

Natalia is a legal council for technological projects with experience in Russia, Asia and Latin America. With a degree in International Law from Novosibirsk State University, she has 7 years of work experience in technology law, blockchain and intellectual property, including contract design, protection and legal management of branding, patents and copyright. Natalia specializes in reducing legal risks, especially in digital law, intellectual property and international commercial law.

Prior to joining Emits in 2019, Natalia worked for OSA DC (blockchain project), Yota Devices (mobile solutions company), Pride LLC (commercialization of chemical research) and IP Bee (trademark protection).



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You can have a look at what’s happening in each vehicle through a high technology camera system that will allow you to monitor daily activities online!

Location Services

Have knowledge of where the vehicles are located and their frequency in real time! How? Through a mobile interface!

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Payment System

To ensure that it’s easy and safe for both, the passenger and driver, we offer a high performance payment system that will make this a quick task!

Mobile App

Whether you’re a driver or a passenger, you can manage your trips! This mobile app offers features that let you check the different stages of current/past trips, get or notify changes in the service!